Welcome to The Inane Ramblings of a Serial Wanderer.

Rest assured that nothing you see here will have any relevance, meaning or bearing on your life and the way you live it. Unless you want it to, which would be weird. 

I am a pointless human with a pointless task: To write silly things on the internet to be read by other, less silly people, with the aim of making them a little bit sillier. If this objective seems strange, convoluted or daft, that’s because it is.

This is a pointless website with a— you know what, screw it. This is a website. You’re clever enough to navigate here through the treacherous void we lovingly call ‘the internet’ all by yourself, so you’re certainly clever enough to work out for yourself what’s going on here. Or at least, a version of what’s going on that’s mentally compatible with your preconceived notions and neural limitations of what could, possibly, be going on.

What are you still doing here anyway, go read a blog or something.